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Tattoo Removal by Laser

Are you tired of your tattoo? You’re not alone. Surveys show that almost 50% of all people with tattoos would like to get them removed.

We use only fully trained nurses and doctors to perform your procedure. Because Doctor Sarosy performs your tattoo removal, we can use topical anesthesia. This is done at no extra charge. At most clinics your tattoo removal is not performed under a doctor’s care and there may be hidden fee’s.

Our facility is a beautiful spa. Your tattoo removal is performed in a most relaxing manner.

Using a state of the art laser, (ND:Yag Medlite C6, the gold standard laser) Dr. Sanjeev cansafely and comfortably remove your tattoo with a series of laser treatments. The number of treatments varies according to:

  1. Depth of tattoo
  2. Person’s skin tone
  3. Colors in the tattoo
  4. Type of ink used.